KDE Connect 2nd anniversary and Beta program

This week two years ago, we released the first version of KDE Connect. Since then, more than 50.000 people have installed the Android app, more than 60 people have contributed code patches (even high school students), and it has been translated to 26 languages! That’s awesome! Thank you all! \o/

KDE Connect team at Randa
David Edmundson, Albert Vaca and Aleix Pol at the Randa Sprint

This week, as part of the Randa 2015 sprint (still accepting donations) we are about to finish the next release of KDE Connect for Plasma 5 and Android. The Android app finally got a new and nice-looking design using Material. Check it out:

Screenshot  Screenshot

Now, we need some brave hearts to test the new app and find all the nasty bugs, so when we release it publicly it works faultless. If you want to enroll in the Beta program, you can do so from the following link and soon you will receive an update through the Play Store:

Enroll in the KDE Connect Beta program

Please report any issues you find, and if it crashes please use Android’s report dialog to send us info about the crash. Thanks a lot!

Update 21/09/15: We have promoted the beta app to stable, so you won’t see any update after enrolling in the beta program until we release another beta!

61 thoughts on “KDE Connect 2nd anniversary and Beta program

  1. There is probably more than the 50000 people. I myself don’t want to share my info with google and as such I don’t have access to google play or other services, but I installed KDE Connect from the f-droid alternative “store”/repository. You might consider publishing the beta also there.

    Thank you by the way. I don’t use it as much as I wanted, because at work the wifi and wired networks are on different segments and cannot communicate together, but at home I’ve used it for transferring files and photographs and for having the notificatons displayed on my laptop. It works very good.

    1. I think there are many GNU/Linux and *bsd users who get their aps from f-droid.org. That’s my main reposity, too.

      Yeah, and many thanks to all developers!

    2. I second this sentiment. I got the app from the F-droid store, therefore if properly labelled as “BETA” we can send feedback as appropriate. Please see my comment below about failed file transfers. A great app, many thanks!

  2. I’ve been using KDE Connect for some time now and mostly like it a lot. Thanks for working on this!

    I’m wondering what’s the current status of known security issues? I’ve seen https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=339367 some time ago and would like to know if there are any plans on finding ways to fix it? Obviously finding people good at security is difficult but is it tried at least? As KDE Connect is becoming more improtant to KDE so should its security architecture.

  3. I’ve tried it, and it looks way nicer than previously, good work!

    These things bugged me, however:
    – When a transfer doesn’t succeed for “reasons”, the uploading progress notification stays there forever, no way to get rid of it
    – Sending files only worked with my notebook (latest kdeconnect-kde connect snapshot from Git), on other machines, it would fail without indication what went wrong. I guess some sort of handshake what’s supported would be needed
    – Sending more than 3 files doesn’t work, it just skips the last files

    1. “the uploading progress notification stays there forever, no way to get rid of it” — if this is at Android end, then the workaround is, go to Settings -> Apps -> KDE Connect -> uncheck “Show notifications” -> check “Show notifications”. It will clear all the sticky notifications of this app.

  4. I have tried to become a beta tester by clicking the link and following the instructions by google,waited 24 hours but have not received any update. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    1. We promoted the beta to stable, so everybody got it already without having to be in the beta (this means: you already had it when you subscribed to the beta). We will keep using the beta chanel for future updates, though!

  5. stuff that i am interested with kdeconnect and that i tried are not working ok. for example sending files. because of some unknown reason to me some big files (300+MB) are not sent completely. why? idk and i don’t care….i am not dev of that. 2nd you hould make your own file manager and give possibility of multi select and then send files from device to desktop comp…so 50/50 for now.

  6. I have kdeconnect 0.9c on Android lollipop 5.1 (Moto-E 4G), and connect to debian with kdeconnect version 0.8-1 from the repo.

    In coming calls works fine, but transferring files seems to be hit and miss. The file gets written but no content, even though the phone says “sent file X”.

    Is this something that has been addressed in the new beta? I am willing to have a crack at building it for this system as this is a *superb* app!!!

  7. Connect the tablet to computer using KDEconnekt. Use a tablet instead of a mouse and keyboard, EN layout works, but no Russian is not switched on the computer (tablet layout is switched). What to do to Russian keyboard layout work?
    Sorry for machine translation.

    1. Thanks for your comment. That is a known bug and there is a fix ready for it, but it hasn’t been released yet because there are other bugs blocking the release.

  8. Hi!
    i have the android 0,9c version, and the git version in manjaro of kdeconnect kdeconnect-git r993.b62349c-1 (2015-09-11 19:05).

    And here what i think about :P:

    – Don’t know how to use the ‘found movile device’ (‘troba el meu telefon’ en catala).

    – In systray, the info button doesn’t shows any info….

    – The notifications work, but i cant read long messages, will be good to read long messages too :P

    – I dont know if that’s not the master branch on git, but dont know how to send sms

    – Send big files (+500MB) to phone or computer works fine for me.

    – All other things work as expected!

    Thanks for your work people! Its an awesome app!

    1. Hi! Sending SMS and and the “find my phone” feature only work if you also use git master for the Android app. If you use git master for the desktop, you might want to try master for the phone as well :)


        1. Not really, I’m thinking about uploading it to the beta updates channel, but it’s not done yet (I haven’t decided if that’s a good way to do it).

  9. I entered beta and started to have a problem but kept forgetting to give feedback: it’s no longer sending any numbers from the phone to PC (no matter the keyboard, be it Swiftkey or Hacker’s Keyboard, or even device, being an S5, an S4mini or a Tab S, so it seems to be KDE Connect’s issue). And still happening in stable. =(

  10. Thanks, now i can install indicator-kdeconnector on ubuntu 15.10, but nothing is showing on system tray. KdeConnector works correctly, i can move mouse using my smartphone, i can send ping form smartphone to pc; but i CAN’T see icon on system tray (unity) and also i CAN’T use media control (with any programm Rhythmbox, VLC)

    Can you help?? Thanks

  11. Is there a way for KDE Connect to display messages like “Battery is fully charged” or “Incoming Skype call” on the computer? So far the things I can do are useful (especially the file transfers), but I would like to be able to get some status messages as well.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work :D

  12. Since the last update (Manjaro Linux, Git Version of KDE connect r1108.9494081-1 from AUR) the “Send to Device” option in Dolphin File Manager is gone, so I cant send files to my phone anymore.

    Thats a bummer, cause I really loved this feature. Any Ideas on how to get it back?

  13. Hi guys, great program. Add more functionality, the speed of the cursor. In the media center list of audio files to switch.
    Thank you for your work.

  14. Hi all,
    I´ve been using this great app for a long time mostly to navigate effortlessly through my phone´s file system from my PC. I realized today that it is not working anymore. Using version 0.8b-2.1-x86_64 under OpenSuse 13.2. When I click on the phone icon in Dolphin file manager, I get a list of locations in my phone, but clicking on any of them results in a “file or directory does not exist” error. If I then navigate back, the list of locations contains only one item (images in the SD card), which is not accessible either. Is there any workaround? Other people having this issue?

    1. I guess the problem can be caused by having different versions of the app in Android and KDE. Since I don’t know how to build from sources, I’ll wait for the opensuse package to be available in the official repositories.

  15. First! thanks for this tool, it’s awesome!

    I be suscribed for the beta testing but never get any news from google.
    There are any mailing group to send ideas or change experience?

  16. Hey guys – is there any news? It’s incredibly useful but there hasn’t been an update on the repo since November of last year (and nothing on this blog since September). Any chance responding to SMS is coming sooner rather than later?

  17. Hi all ! Such a great app, just can’t wait for the next update ! Any news on progress ? Keep it up !

  18. Hi all,
    your app has become valuable companion I use daily. There are just two improvements I would kindly propose.
    *) the remote control keyboard currently doesn’t work in combination with google voice recognition. It would be extremely helpful to use your app as an interface for dictation to the PC.
    *) it would be nice if your KDE app would be able to automatically lock&unlock the desktop if the smartphone is near.
    Keep up the good work
    Kind Regards

    1. It’s slowed down, but it doesn’t seem to be dead. Version 0.9g was released about 2 months or so ago, and there have been a handful of code updates to the Android client in the last few weeks (not part of an official release yet, though). One or two minor updates to the KDE client in the last couple of weeks too, it looks like.

      So far it seems to successfully do just about everything it’s currently designed for. Sending files from the devices still occasionally fails mysteriously for me, but exchanging files from the Dolphin file manager on my computer with the Android devices running KDEConnect seems to work just fine. I get notifications from the devices on my computer, the remote-controls seem to work. Overall, a seriously handy little project!

      I’m curious to find out what features will be added next.

  19. Hello,
    Any roadmap for Mashmallow support ?
    KDE Connect desktop is no longer able to write to external SDCard. Reading working only.
    Thank you for your great work.

  20. Hi! I’m from Russia! my respect to you! :) a very good program ^_^
    but the use of other DE – problem. prevents me the knotify4! :(

  21. Awesome piece of software, and now Windows 10 is following your step. It really makes KDE desktop very convenient

    1. Same issue here. Sony Xperia M running Cynogen 11 (android 4.4.4). Everything was smooth before last update. Now, KDE Connect crashes each time it starts.

      1. Works fine now on my Sony Xperia M running Cyanogen 11 (android 4.4.4).
        Thank you very much for your support.

  22. Hi everybody, i’ve a Samsung S2, model GT-I9100, android 4.1.2, baseband i9100XXMS3, Kernel 3.0.31-1211311, Version Build JZO54K.I9100XWLSW

  23. Hello everyone, install the FDROID and MINISTRO apps, and now KDE connect 1.8.4 works perfectly in my Old S2. A thousand thanks to all.

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