KDE Connect 1.0 is here!

Today we are officially publishing the first stable release of KDE Connect. Hooray! This version is the most solid yet feature-packed version we ever released. It’s been in development for a year now and it took a lot of hard work, we hope you like it!

New features

  • Trigger custom commands from your phone

Pre-configure commands  in the KDE Connect desktop settings so you can trigger them from your phone. Use it to extend KDE Connect’s functionality to suit your needs!

Android screenshot with list of commands

  • Reply to SMS messages from your desktop

Probably the most awaited feature ever! Now when you receive a text message notification on the desktop, a ‘Reply’ button will allow you to text back without having to use your phone at all. Note you will need the version 1.4 of the Android app for this to work, already available, as we had to ask for a new permission for it to work.

  • Receive desktop notifications on your phone

Contributed by Holger Kaelberer, this is the counterpart of the phone-to-desktop notification sync we already had. It might be a bit spammy sometimes, so we decided to ship it disabled by default. Make sure you enable it both in the Android app and the System Settings module if you are interested in this feature. From the plugin settings you can choose which notifications you want to forward to your phone and which not.

  • TLS encryption

Thanks to the Google Summer of Code project of Vineet Garg, KDE Connect now uses TLS sockets instead of RSA private-key encryption. This is not only safer against replay and man-in-the-middle attacks, but also faster and less battery-consuming to compute on your devices. Like SSH, we do trust-on-first-use (or TOFU, which sounds funnier) of the device certificate, and we have added a command line option to allow you to check the certificate fingerprints match on both ends.

Android screenshot with the 'Encryption info' dialog

How to update?

If your favorite Linux distribution doesn’t release an update for KDE Connect 1.0 soon, please contact the distro packagers and let them know you want it! If you are familiar with building software from sources and can’t wait for your distro to package it, you can always build KDE Connect 1.0 from the sources available on download.kde.org.

While the Android app is backwards compatible with desktops running old versions of KDE Conect, the just released desktop version requires you to use the version 1.0 or newer of the Android app. Since we have seen that Android updates reach final users much faster than their desktop counterparts, this shouldn’t impact your ability to use KDE Connect. Just make sure you are using a recent version from F-Droid or the Play Store.

Update 20/09/16: This is no longer the latest version of KDE Connect. If you are looking for the sources to download, make sure to get the latest ones from the KDE downloads site.


152 thoughts on “KDE Connect 1.0 is here!

  1. Wonderful!
    Any words on whether you all are still going to enable bluetooth support instead of wifi only support?

    1. Albert, thank you for the nice release!

      It is extracted to telepathy-kdeconnect project, which is not released yet. I think I will look and try to fix it (if needed) at October.

    2. It wasn’t working so we didn’t release it. It’s in the repo “telepathy-kdeconnect” if you want to give it a look. If I remember correctly, the problem is that it has a daemon that needs to be started in a specific order (before mission control but after kdeconnect, or the other way around, I don’t remember), but if you manage to do so it works: there is code in kdeconnect to detect it is running and use it.

  2. Great news. Thank you! This program saves a lot of time as you can type on the PC and copy it to the phone. Is the SMS answering working with Signal messages and Signal as SMS app, too?

  3. My biggest loss as I bought an stupid iphone. Any chance for ios support in near future? Seems like a perfect SoC :p

      1. The student who did the port didn’t stick around maintaining it afterwards. And after the 1.0 protocol changes (mostly related to encryption but also other stuff), it might need to be almost rewritten :(

  4. Hi Albert, first of all thanks for this great application. I updated today to kdeconnect 1.0 from Chakra repositories and it stopped working; I tried rebooting pc, reinstalling android application (version 1.4), but anything helps. Downgrading to 0.9 fixes the issue. Is required any particular step on pc? Thanks

    1. Can you try if it works after removing the kdeconnect config files (from .config), or just unpairing all the devices before upgrading? Thanks a lot!

  5. Felicitaciones Albert! Gran Update de una de las aplicaciones mas utiles que podemos instalar y la que hace que elija kde antes que cualquier otro escritorio!

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  7. Reblogged this on linuxrelated and commented:
    Falls noch jemand einen Grund sucht zu KDE Plasma zu wechseln: Wenn Ihr ein Android Smartphone verwendet ist hier einer richtig guter. Ich nutze KDE Connect schon seit längerem um Benachrichtigungen von Android auf dem Desktop angezeigt zu bekommen und um Dateien auszutauschen. Die Fernsteuerung für Musik-Player ist auch ganz nett. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf die Neuerungen und hoffe, dass Fedora die Version 1.0 bald als Update einspielen wird. Ich werde demnächst einen ganzen Artikel zu KDE-Connect veröffentlichen.

  8. Awesome, thanks a lot!

    I have one Problem tho:
    I can’t access the SD-card in my phone with dolphin (via the share by kde-connect).
    This worked in the beginning, but stopped working already several versions ago.

    Is there something I can do about?

    1. Not sure about earlier versions, but in Android 6+ you will probably have to set your SD Card as “internal memory” before that will work. Either that, or you will probably need to root it.

  9. Thanks for the release! Did you plan to add bluetooth connection type to phone? WiFi use too much battery and require network connection, but bluetooth is low-power and easier protocol. Please add bluetooth connection to next KDE Connect versions!

  10. Thanks! This is awesome, Just recently moved to Sailfish OS. Is there a possibility to port it to SFOS?
    Is the Desktop app for Windows still under works?

  11. Awesome app. Love the work you have done. But there is a problem, I am running a CyanogenMod based ROM and the beta kde connect app on phone and the latest 1.0 on my Fedora Rawhide but I can’t see the reply option for replying to messages, any help how to make it work?!

    1. Ok so I got out of the beta program and now I can see the reply button but nothing yet works when I press it, will try removing configs and everything to see what happens.

  12. I gave up trying to compile kdeconnect newest release… on a kanotix jessie debian distro a required QT5 package only available in next release… it is a shame.. give us a solution to have the benefits of the new kdeconnect release.

  13. Hi, I “hate” you… Today i’m using KDE thanks to KDE Connect!
    Beacouse I’m a Newbie KDE user, Do I need an special program to get SMS working? I’m running kdeconnect 1.0 under archlinux and 1.4 apk from F-Droid

    File explorer/Where is my phone is working fine, but the SMS does not wroks :(

  14. Hi Albert, first of all thanks for this great application. can you expose a lib purple extension/interface (so it could be used in telepathy/haze/pidgin etc) ?

  15. Hello Albert, first Congratulations, now the issue … the Reply button is displayed once that is after receiving the first SMS after starting KDE Connect, a second SMS is not possible to answer it. I’m still doing tests.

    Kernel: 4.1.27-27-default x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.7.4
    Distro: openSUSE Leap 42.1

    Information for package kdeconnect-kde:
    Repository: KDE_Extra
    Name: kdeconnect-kde
    Version: 1.0-9.1
    Arch: x86_64
    Vendor: obs://build.opensuse.org/KDE
    Installed: Yes
    Status: up-to-date
    Installed Size: 1.6 MiB
    Summary: KDE Android integration
    Integrate Android with the KDE Desktop.

    Current feature list:
    – Clipboard share: copy from or to your desktop
    – Notifications sync (4.3+): Read your Android notifications from KDE
    – Multimedia remote control: Use your phone as a remote control
    – WiFi connection: no usb wire or bluetooth needed
    – RSA Encryption: your information is safe

    Please note you will need to install KDE Connect on Android for this app to work:

  16. I hope this program does what I want… But I don’t feel like installing 60Mb of KDE stuff… Dependencies like ‘kate-data’.. I have an XFCE, i3 and Cinnamon machines… Is there any change this project can be ported so it can “just” uses Qt and libnotify?
    I didn’t take a look to the code, but, have you planned a less-dependant version?
    I know you’re part of the KDE community, so I could understand it, but, I don’t know… Qt dep. is something common (qmmp, for instance, ehich I use).

    Well, I’d love to get it working here, but 60Mb is too much.

    Nonetheless, it looks awesome!

  17. OK solved.
    First uninstall kde connect from the PC, then delete the “kdeconnect” file in /home/user/.config/kdeconnect/, then install kdeconnect again, pair your device and go. Now can answer SMS from the PC.

    System: Kernel: 4.1.27-27-default x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.7.4
    Distro: openSUSE Leap 42.1

    Thanks Albert.

  18. Hi Albert! Thanks for this great application. I am addict from beginning.
    Everything is great but one small problem:
    Browsing internal phone storage works great, but browsing …/storage/extSdCard/ is not possible unless you enter existing folder name after extSdCard/.
    Than is possible to browse this folder and subfolders in it.
    What need to be done to see folder list in extSdCard ?

  19. I updated and it doesnt work anymore T.T (running Fedora)
    I deleted the config files, but still no sign of the other device (also restarted the pc).
    Does anyone know where the config files on android are? I’ll try to delete them too.

  20. Hi,

    I updated to 1.0.1 on the desktop, 1.4 on the phone, and deleted the kdeconnect folder somewhere in .kde4/
    The sms reply is still unavailable, on the desktop the telephony integration module says “Show notifications for calls and SMS (answering coming soon)”. In its information, version is 0.1.

    I get this both with the distribution (arch)’s package and when building my own from source.

    What could I be doing wrong?

  21. First, THANK YOU for the great great app!!! Secondly, I think I discovered the trouble with the SMS reply problem: in the “Notification Sync” config on the phone, it’s not saving the apps I leave unchecked. Because of this, when a SMS comes the kdeconnect on PC shows the notification from the app that handle with SMS and not the SMS itself (in fact, the SMS notification with the “reply” button appears very quickly, then it disappears and the notification of the SMS app takes it place). When I turned off the “Notification Sync” on the phone, kdeconnect on the PC is able to detect that a simple SMS comes and shows the “reply” button. If you could check for this… Again, thanks a lot!!

    1. You saved my day. Awesome discovery. Looks like the problem is identifying the right application used by the phone for the Messaging. Thanks! and KDE Connect is just Awesome!

  22. Thanks, been waiting for this. Love KDE Connect, however I have some questions:

    1) SMS feature doesn’t seem to exist, I mean it is there in options, turned on but I can’t see any SMS from the device. I expected to work like on pushbullet. If it works only through the notification box, that’s a serious limitation, because I can’t trigger it manually, nor I can choose the SMS to respond, also notification may go away or be dismissed by accident and then what?

    2) I am unable to open/see files from my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. I only get info “failed to connect to device, device is not responding”.

    I do have marked all KDE Connect options as on but there has to be some other reason. I also can’t browse my phone through dolphin although it sees it. There is no forum or place to ask around and maybe there is some simple solution to that so I am asking here.

  23. Albert, kdeconnect is a great tool since its beginnings and it still gets better! I use it pretty much every day and can’t think of being without it.

    One thing that is a bit disturbing: All my devices are connected to the same network pretty much all the time, but i always have to click “refresh” in the desktop settings to see the other devices. They do not show up on starup. Something you can do about that?

    Bluetooth-connectivity for those places without wifi (germany, i love you ;-)) would be great as others have already mentioned.

  24. Just installed KDE Connect and love it, great job! I especially like how it clears the notifications off the phone too. For a future version, would you consider word-wrapping the text in the KDE Connect Monitor window and showing the entire notification? Like what you get when you expand the notification in the Android notification shade. It would make it easier to see what new messages were in regard to and whether I needed to go read the full thing or not. Thanks!

  25. Hello and Thank you for this great Application.
    i cant use the SMS reply feature on my GalaxyS7. Before and with the 1.0 Release ive always got the Reply feature coming soon but now even the encryption works fine.
    but when ive got a sms, i get my message, but no reply button on the Desktop.

    Browsing on the Device was always difficult. I can open the default Picture folders Device and SD Card, but when i want to browse the other folders, ive only get empty folders.

  26. How can i install it?

    I have Kubuntu 14.04 and if i use sudo apt-get install kdeconnect, it installs the v0.1

  27. Hello, I am having an issue with the text message feature. When I click reply, nothing happens. I am currently running Arch with Plasma 5.8. I was wondering if maybe a third party texting app was required. Might be a noob question. Hope to get it working. As everything else is working fine and I love it. Thanks for the great app.

    1. Same here I put a bug on kde’s site…..no one has fixed it apparently – and it looks like they aren’t going to at the rate of speed they are going.

  28. Thanks for your awesome work! It’s so great to switch the music from the bed without standing up… :) It’s great to hear, that you implemented TLS! Being a paranoid I just want to ask about the prevented scenarios as I am not an expert regarding the details of encryption:

    You wrote it is safe regarding replay and (wo)man-in-the-middle-attacks. Thats great. But what if the attacker (Mallory) is not attacking Alice-PC or Alice-Phone from outside but attacking Alice-PC from inside Alice-Phone, as it already successfully hacked that side?

    1) Can Mallory use the information for her Phone to pretend being Alice-Phone?
    2) Can Mallory use the information to spy out data on Alice-PC?
    3) Can Mallory use it to compromise the integrity of Alice-PC (e.g. implementing spy or control-software)?

    Thanks again – I really love it!

    1. If there is malware on device A, then device A will be able to do to device B whatever KDE Connect could already do, because device B trusts commands coming from device A. That doesn’t mean executing arbitrary commands, because that’s not something KDE Connect can do, but it could be spying on the clipboard or injecting keystrokes for example. Note that apps on Android are sandboxed though, so when we talk about malware on a phone we are talking bigger words than a malicious app.

      1. Okay thanks. So if a governmental organization wants to illegally spy on my data (like Snowden showed) and actually hack the phone or just use a hidden backdoor (which should be easy for them, as the interior is closed source and they have quite good access to phone companys etc.) to prevent them reading my data I just need to set the rules strict (like no reading of and no saving of files on the harddisk of device B =PC and no execution of commands).

        Or is it possible to restrict the access in a way that some of those functions are usable and still no harm may be done?

        1. Note that the “run command” plugin can only run whatever commands you specify on the computer, not anything the phone wants. And I can’t think of a way to prevent “device impersonation” once one has access to its private key.

  29. Is the private key on the phone encrypted? I saw that on the computer side it’s not. If it would be (plus eventually the used memory on the phone – I think Gringotts is doing s.th. like that) even with an existing backdoor in the phone it would be hard to get the private key, no?

    1. That doesn’t add much security: You need another key to encrypt and decrypt the private key. That key needs to be in the app, so it can be extracted too. Should the key to encrypt the key be encrypted too? :P

      1. Ah, I see the problem… What if the key to the encrypted certificate of the phone lies on the PC like asymmetric encryption?

        But I don’t want to bother you with stupid questions…

  30. KDEconnect zrywa połączenie z wi-fi jest nie stabilne mam neon 16.o4 po zatym jak chce napisac sms to musze z telefonu a tu jest mozliwość tylko odpowiadania dla mnie w tej obecnej formie to porażka ten projekt jest daleko w lesie!!! airdroid apk jak narazie jest najlepszy.

  31. There is no link provided in your e-mail notifications to unsubscribe from your mailing list. Provide one, please.

    That aside, keep up the good work.

  32. How in the hell do I compile this for slackware. The INSTALL instructions are so hard to figure out. Can’t find any of the cmake options…It’s so clutch, but the installation is nearly impossible. I’ve been able to find prebuilt packages for slackware, but they’re ancient.

    1. You can use ccmake or cmake-gui to easily see and change all the cmake options, but better than that: ask the slackware packagers to update kdeconnect so all slackware users benefit from it!

      1. Even better, how about straightforward instructions on compiling and a list of dependencies so someone could maintain/add the package for other distros (slackware, arch, anything else…)

        1. I agree we could use a INSTALL file with installation instructions. Feel free to contribute it if you can :) For the packagers, though, I doubt it is a problem because the instructions to compile are the same as any other cmake-based package (like every kde package). And about the dependencies, cmake tells you which dependencies are required/missing when you run it, so it’s not a problem either.

  33. I’m loving this app!
    I have one feature request i would like though, that is an extension/version of the ‘run command’.

    I want to be able to run on both sides. So for example spin up an rsync server on the android (via shell/tasker/app choice) then running a script in the conneted device (rsync photos etc.). Or spin up an sshserver and then tunnel an Xcommand from the phone.

  34. The reply button does not work when receiving a text – I use gentoo linux, I have the telepathy flag turned on….

    I will send a text to myself on my phone, the notification popup shows up on my desktop with the reply button next to it…however – when I click it nothing happens.

  35. Hi, Thank you so much for your work firstly.
    I’m on Kubuntu Xenial 16.04 , plasmashell 5.5.5

    I’ve compiled kdeconnect 1.0.1 and installed it on /usr/local
    Every plasmoid says

    Errore durante il caricamento del file QML: file:///usr/local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.kdeconnect/contents/ui/main.qml:48:34: Type FullRepresentation unavailable
    file:///usr/local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.kdeconnect/contents/ui/FullRepresentation.qml:55:23: Type DeviceDelegate unavailable
    file:///usr/local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.kdeconnect/contents/ui/DeviceDelegate.qml:72:17: Type Sftp unavailable
    file:///usr/local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.kdeconnect/contents/ui/Sftp.qml:26:1: PluginChecker is not a type

    And the Module Control Settings says “dynamic library not found”

    Could you (or someone) give me a hint about where I’m wrong?

    Thank you

    1. I’m so sorry, after a little bit of cleaning the Error is
      “module org.kde.kdeconnect” is not installed, and the Module control settings always complains about not finding the dynamic library.

      I can’t figure out wheter is a kde-related problem or maybe it’s me doing something wrong during installation/compile

  36. Got it working in the end :D
    I’m sorry for the flood but it took a little bit of time and bouncing from kde5doc to cmake prefixes. I could share how I managed to work it out so that other users won’t trouble installing this version on Kubuntu Xenial, if you will.

    Thanks for your great app, always :)

    1. > I could share how I managed to work it out so that other users won’t trouble installing this version on Kubuntu Xenial

      Yes please! Stuck at the same issue here.

  37. Ugh…
    mybox$ kdeconnect-cli -l
    – : Process org.kde.kdeconnect received signal 6
    1 device found

    No idea what to do.

  38. Hello , i compile kdeconnect-kde-1.0.1 like cmake make and make install.
    I went to system kde setting and had this error : the share library not found.
    ***How to correct this plz ?
    ***I also have the kdeconnect-kde-1.0.2 downloaded , the folder content is like : etc, usr. Is it possible to have the steps to use this release also ?

    Kubuntu 16.04
    KDE plasma 5
    KDE framework 5
    Qt 5.6

  39. Hello,
    Any ideas plz,

    Error loading QML file: file:///usr/local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.kdeconnect/contents/ui/main.qml:48:34: Type FullRepresentation unavailable
    file:///usr/local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.kdeconnect/contents/ui/FullRepresentation.qml:55:23: Type DeviceDelegate unavailable
    file:///usr/local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.kdeconnect/contents/ui/DeviceDelegate.qml:72:17: Type Sftp unavailable
    file:///usr/local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.kdeconnect/contents/ui/Sftp.qml:30:30: Invalid alias target location: deviceId


  40. I still get the infamous ‘storage does not exist’ error on Dolphin when I try to browse my phone. Running the latest KDE-Connect on Neon and the latest Android version on a 4.2 device…

  41. I’m gettings a weird bug and I think it might be an Android 7.1 issue with the app. I don’t have any problems when I send files from phone to computer but when I do it from computer to phone, files are received correctly but notifications never go away till I force to close the app. It’s like they freeze almost at the end. I attach an screenshot:

    Great work with both the Android app and the Plasma aplication. I love kdeconnect! One of the best apps for Android, that’s for sure!

  42. I know you have worked hard in trying to improve KDEConnect. I am using opensuse both TW and Leap. Can’t get it to successfully work with it. Bluetooth works fine. I did get Connect to work on kubuntu before I switched to RPM stuff. What can I do. The Opensuse forums really don’t help, Thanks!!!

  43. Hi. Thanks for the update…however I have a problem. When I’m in house it works great, but when I go to my university and connect my phone and laptop to eduroam wifi it can’t find my phone or laptop and I have to add the ip address of my laptop manually so it can find my laptop. Any solution for this problem?

    1. I think the issue is in firewall configuration. Probably in this network there is no connection on required by KDE Connect ports. Check information from


      If your firewall is ufw, you can open the necessary ports with:

      sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/udp
      sudo ufw allow 1714:1764/tcp
      sudo ufw reload

  44. Absolutely loving KDE Connect. I think it’s a killer app for the KDE community and especially the Plasma desktop. Thanks for your hard work. One question. Any info on being able to send a SMS? Love being able to reply and looking forward to being able to originate one.

  45. Hello, Congrats for the awesome project!

    It would be awesome if we could also answer phone calls from KDE and also reply to messages from whatsapp or allo.

  46. I have always had problems browsing files on my phone (Samsung S7 with Android 6) connected to my OpenSuse Leap 42.2 box using MTP via USB. KDEConnect with USB tethering on the phone solved my problem. Unfortunately file browsing worked till yesterday when my phone “automatically” updated to Android 7.0. Other features of KDEConnect still work but file browsing in Dolphin shows “All Files” directory empty. Could there be a problem with different directory permissions in Android 7.0? I have read once about this somewhere. Could this be an issue of KDEConnect application 1.6.1 for Android? I would love to use KDEConnect once again for getting files from and to my phone.

  47. When I select “browse this device” from kde plasmoid. I see KIOExec error “Folder with name /home/username/.cache/kioexec/krun/15223_0/ already exist”. Even if I delete all before.
    How to fix. Some time ago it worked without any issues.

    1. The most likely cause for that problem is that something under your home directory is not owned by your user (eg: you have used dolphin as root, and it has created temporary or cache files that are now owned by root and can’t be accessed or deleted by dolphin running as your user).

      1. Hello, Albert. Thank you for the answer. I checked this. But sure all folders and files in ~/.cache/kioexec/ owned by user. Every time I click “browse device” in plasmoid new folder is created, and that kioexec says “folder exist”. Seems kioexec tries to create the same folder more than one time. Can you know what logs should I see.?

        Anyway “kdeconnect:/” works nice. Thank you.

        1. Can you check for permissions everywhere under your home? I think the error you are seeing is a symptom, and not the root cause of the issue… If everything is owned by the correct user, then try deleting kdeconnect’s config from .config/kdeconnect and do the pairing with your phone again.

  48. The SMS-Answering feature is AWESOME!
    But is there also a possibility to just send sms?

  49. Running Ubuntu 16.10 (Unity), KDE connect 1.0.3. On my android device I am running 1.6.1. Browsing the android device from the desktop worked fine until the android device was upgraded to Nougat (Android 7.0). Now when I try to browse the file structure on the android device, all I get on the desktop is an empty looking directory. Unpairing and repairing did not help. Is KDEConnect not designed to work with Android 7.0?

  50. Hello, Thanks.. The job is perfect.. I’ve seen on the mailing list that there was a file sync project based on rsync.. where are you with this feature who should be a killer app.. just what is missing for picture easy tranfer/order in Linux… also few problems on Linux mint 18.2 inside of many buttons is not displayed.. where do I report?

  51. Hi, I love this program, too. Many thanks. Recently I only discovered one issue: If I copy photos (SD@phone) to my pc they get the correct owner and group, but 0400 as rights. Is this intentionally? My system is Suse-Leap42.2, KDE5.26, Connect1.0.1

  52. Small question, is there a way to have a personal KDE connect server so that my PC and phone don’t have to be on the same network?

  53. Hi,

    thank you very much for this app, I absolutely love it !
    Is there any way I can trigger a command that requires sudo ? I want to be able to put my computer in sleep mode from my smartphone.

    With another app (Home Remote Control) I use “echo ‘password’ | sudo -s; echo mem | sudo tee /sys/power/state” (which is really not secure) but that does not do anything with KdeConnect…

    If anyone had a workaround, that would be great !

    Thanks again !

  54. Thank you, is great this app! Can I reduce the time when I click on forward and backward in the multimedia control? now the lower value is 10 seconds. Thank you.

  55. One very Cool feature would be the ability to listen your phone-played music via PC speakers! that would be just AWESOME!

  56. Hi, I control DeadBeef (a music player) with my Android phone using KDE Connect.
    I wish to select pc’s songs directly from my smart phone. In this way I mustn’t turn on my monitor to choose music.
    I hope you’ll implement this feature. It’ll be very cool!
    Greetings from Italy.

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