Mobile development sprint in Randa: KDE Connect, and more

This September a bunch of KDE developers, me included, will gather for a week in Randa, Switzerland, to work on awesome new ideas for KDE. The theme of the sprint is around mobile apps, so KDE Connect will be one of the focus of attention.

The goals for KDE Connect in this sprint are the following:

  • Make a release for Plasma 5
  • Make a release for Android with Material design
  • Add support for answering texts (SMS) from your computer
  • Some more cool stuff :)

But of course it is not only about KDE Connect: we will also help to shape the future of new KDE apps on smartphones: ports of desktop apps, brand new ideas, new tools to improve the development, etc.

To make this possible, there is a fundraiser open that aims to cover the costs of this sprint. If you can contribute with some money, it is a huge  way to help KDE and KDE Connect!

2011 Randa Sprint participants
2011 Randa Sprint participants

Since KDE is a community of people who make free software, and nowadays we use a lot of software in our smartphones, it makes me happy to see this effort to have presence there as well. I hope you share this point of view, and also that you can help the fundraiser with a donation. Thanks a lot!

PS: Aleix Pol and David Edmundson also posted in their blogs about their projects for KDE Connect in Randa, check them out!


13 thoughts on “Mobile development sprint in Randa: KDE Connect, and more

  1. Ive been using kde connect ever since i found out about it. its brilliant, and the new features sound exciting. cant wait.

  2. Albert, thank you very much for KDE Connect, it is freaking amazing in the vast number of features as well as the variety of them. I also just saw the blog post by David Edmundson mentioning the syncing stuff between computers using KDE Connect as the middle man and that is fantastic idea.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say how much you are AWESOME because KDE Connect is freaking fantastic and I thanks to projects like this from KDE I am getting closer and closer to switch to KDE permanently.

  3. Will it be possible to connect a Phone (Wifi) to a computer (LAN) that are on the same network?

    Currently, even if both can ping each other, KDE Connect finds neither. However, if I connect my Laptop to the same wifi, connect the phone, and then switch to LAN, the connection remains. So only the discovery and connecting do not work between LAN and Wifi.

  4. I always leave the cellphone somewhere in the house, so now I can see if it’s important to reach it or not. (Maybe you could include a “ring me now” so I can locate it hehe) Cant wait for the final version, you guys are genius, thanks for making our life easier.

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