Releasing KDE Connect ‘Code-in Edition’

Code-in is a program from Google to encourage young people (ages 13-17) to participate in free software projects. This year some Code-in participants worked on improvements for KDE Connect, and today we are releasing all this work condensed into KDE Connect 0.8!

This version comes with lots of bug fixes and a bunch of new features:

  • Added the ability to mute incoming calls from the desktop notification.*
  • Included a way to disable desktop notifications per-app from your phone.
  • Added a seek bar to the Media Controls.*
  • Added a plugin to prevent your PC from sleeping if your phone is in the network.
  • Implemented support for drag’n drop in touchpad.*
  • Added support for special keys and modifier keys to virtual keyboard.
  • Fixed shared Youtube videos not opening in the browser.

*Features made by people under 18 :D

This is a release for the KDE 4 desktop only, and I’m sorry for not having a Plasma 5 version ready. I’ve been holding this update to prepare a super cool stable version for Plasma 5 as well, but I didn’t find time for that and I think it’s better not to hold this version any longer. For those of you who have already jumped to Plasma 5, an official release is coming soon, I promise!

KDE Connect 0.8 for KDE 4 – tarball
KDE Connect 0.8 for Android – app on Google Play
KDE Connect 0.8 for Android – app on F-Droid

40 thoughts on “Releasing KDE Connect ‘Code-in Edition’

  1. Included a way to disable desktop notifications per-app from your phone – Very happy to read this as I really needed it.

    Great to hear that the Plasma 5 release is coming soon. I have been holding back from shifting to Plasma 5 because of KDE Connect.

  2. “This is a release for the KDE 4 desktop only, and I’m sorry for not having a Plasma 5 version ready. I’ve been holding this update to prepare a super cool stable version for Plasma 5 as well, but I didn’t find time for that and I think it’s better not to hold this version any longer. ”

    I almost cried….as seeing people care for stability over releasing cool new features is one thing I see not enough. Keep up the good work!

  3. Feature Request: integrate sending / receiving Google hangout / SMS text messages as a component to the kde telepathy component

  4. *sigh*

    I literally groaned reading this. I’m using plasma 5, and got all excited for the new features. Then, “KDE4 release only”


    But I understand the need for stability, so thanks for all your hard (and insanely awesome :3) work!

  5. I have a pretty big issue : KDE Connect drains the battery of my phone.

    After receiving a call, the battery drains twice or thrice as fast as normal. In the Android menu “About the phone” “Battery stats” (labels may be different, my phone is in french), KDEC represents 25% of the battery usage after 12h, and receiving a call around the middle of that time.
    I guess it begins at the call, but I really don’t know.
    Also, I looked through the logcat of the phone, and saw absolutely nothing (but I’m not an android dev, so I may I missed something, but I don’t think so).

    For the details : Kubuntu 14.10 using KDEC 0.8 from the PPA.
    The phone is the HTC Desire (the old one), on CyanogenMod 7.0.3 / Android 2.3.3, with the last update from Google PS.

    Is it possible that when you opened the link to be able to mute the call, you never closed it ? Or tried to open it repeatedely ?

    Anyway, if you need more details, don’t hesitate for a second to contact me :)

    1. Hum… I don’t think it’s after a call after all. Phone was rebooted, and today, 5h30 after unpluging it, and without receiving a call, KDEC used 1h35 of UC time (and 70% of the used battery).
      And nothing seems obvious from the logcat.

  6. Is it possible to make a KDE Connect edition for BlackBerry? On one hand, marketshare is next to none, but, on the other hand, it’s Qt.

    1. anrdoid version already works in BB os10. You can install it using F-Droid. I use it to transfer data to/from my laptop

  7. Love KDE Connect, and the KF5 version seems to be mostly working now. The only comment I have is that the tray icon in Plasma 5 looks too much like a clipboard, and for a while I couldn’t find it because I thought it was the Klipper icon.

  8. Wow! I love KDE Connect! I have a problem. Mouse right click doesn’t work. I’m on arch linux and i’m using kde connect 0.8.

  9. Please, add an option to run custom script remotely. That would add so many new, great possibilities.

  10. Feature request: Add a numeric keypad option. Touchpad control allows use of a keyboard for input but not a numeric keypad.

  11. Would be wonderful if you could split the functionality into a platform-agnostic interface / library, and also something that ties it to KDE. That way people could build different sorts of “backends” that would allow this to work with several of the different DEs out there.

    1. It is already this way, there is a libkdeconnectcore that is easily portable and exposes a series of DBUS interfaces that are what the KDE UI uses :)

  12. Dude,
    Thank you for your time and effort. Unfortunately I cannot browser my extSdCard. I’m using F-Droid version downloaded using F-Droid and it is version 0.8g
    I can see files in internal memory but not exSdCard. As almost all my camera pictures are on extSdCard where there is plenty of space, this makes kde-connect unusable for me and I should keep removing and inserting memory card :-(
    For me it takes a long time to download the code, read it, understand it, find the problem and then much longer time to make a working build environment with all the dependencies installed. Can you please check this problem and fix it?
    Thanks in advance.

    PS: If you ever wanted to create a resume in Linux easier than traditional ways (Libreoffice?), I will be proud if you give my piece of code a chance:

    1. More Info: Accessing this gives empty folder:

      But reading below thread I got the idea to a workaround:

      So I mannually entered below address and it worked:

      So the software cannot get a list of directories in root directory of extSdCard. But it still can browser inner folders.

      Now trying to create a file inside one of inner folders using kate gives:
      The document could not be saved, as it was not possible to write to file:///data/aario-kaos-home/.config/kdeconnect/8e55806d6f1be703/kdeconnect_sftp/8e55806d6f1be703/storage/sdcard1/DCIM/Camera/test/test.

      Check that you have write access to this file or that enough disk space is available.

  13. I really like kde-connect, but I have switched to Plasma 5. Considering this article dates from February, can you please give an update on the progress for kde-connect on Plasma 5?

    1. Great work :-)

      But I’ve also changed with openSUSE Tumbleweed to Plasma 5, so kde-connect works any more :-(

      Is there an upgrade to Plasma 5 planed?

      1. The file browser plugin is not working in the Plasma 5 version because of a couple issues in KIO and/or Dolphin, I’m waiting for these to be fixed before making a release :(

  14. How to remove multiple instances of devices.
    Having upgraded kernel to 4.1.2 kde 4 started to refuse connecting to my devices, Unpairing and pairing devices sorted the only effect to create multiple instances of my devices. So I tried to completely remove kdeconnect to do a fresh install, but, despite the fact that I removed even the configuration files present in .de4 directory, after installation I still see the multiple instances of my devices.
    Ho can I do a “fresh installation” again?

  15. What I really need is the possibility to connect my phone (WiFi) to my Laptop (LAN). They are on the same subnet, and I can ping the phone, but KDE Connect can not see the other. Manually adding the IP of my laptop doesn’t help.

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