KDE Connect Sprint 2019 in Nuremberg

In case you don’t know yet, KDE sponsors developer gatherings around the world, “sprints”, to hack for a few days on a specific topic. This summer, for the second time ever, we organized one for KDE Connect!

The hack room

This time, the people from SUSE hosted us at their offices in the beautiful city of Nuremberg, Germany, together with two other KDE sprints that all happened at the same time! We called it ~The Nuremberg Megasprint~.

SUSE’s cool museum room

There we discussed and hacked on many things, and probably Simon’s series of blogposts cover that better than I could do. However, if I can pick a single thing to highlight from the sprint, it is that I had the chance to meet in person with my Google Summer of Code mentee, Inoki.

KDE Connect itself began as a GSoC project the year 2013, and since then it accumulates the work of 5 different GSoC students, among many other developers, translators, designers… However, this was the first time I met a student I was mentoring in person! ❤️

I want to thank KDE for sponsoring the sprint, and every person who has made a donation to KDE for making it possible. Thank you!


5 thoughts on “KDE Connect Sprint 2019 in Nuremberg

  1. Thanks so much for all things i do it by this uniqe software
    but i want to ask u how can i control caffeine by media remote control

  2. Hi Albert, I’d just like to know about the status of KDE Connect with bluetooth backend. I’ve been waiting for it for what seems like an eternity, and still it is not available although I see that there has been quite a good amount of work on it.
    I one saw in a Reddit thread that you were looking for testers. The point that I want to stress is that if you don’t provide at least an android APK package with bluetooth enabled, you’re severely limiting the number of possible testers.
    I can easily find an already-built bluetooth-enabled package for my linux distro, but I haven’t managed to find a bluetooth-enabled APK anywhere, and I do not have the time nor the desire to install and learn all the stuff needed to do android development (and I shouldn’t have to, just for testing a package).
    You (or someone else) should provide both packages to help testers out there.

  3. Its so good! I was looking for an alternative to Pushbullet after i moved from Windows. The only think i dont like is that you cant select which notifications gets shown on my computer. Its a complete spam sometimes and covers the top of the screen, so i cant close program windows etc.

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