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GSOC 2013 ends, KDE Connect goes on: file transfers added

This year’s GSOC is over.  In the last 3 months KDE Connect has grown from a dream to reality. I will not take the money and run away from it now: I’m writting this post to announce that I will keep developing KDE Connect and that I hope other developers will join me to make it an awesome connectivity platfrom!

But that’s not all I want to announce, we have got new features too! The last merge to master included the promised file transfer plugin, renamed as “Share receiver plugin”. The new name makes more sense because it can not only receive files but also text and URLs from any Android app using the “Share to…” menu. For now this feature is only working from Android to KDE, but support for KDE to KDE and KDE to Android will come soon.

Here you can find a tarball for this version, tagged 0.3. We are not releasing a stable 1.0 version yet, because some things are still broken (like encryption, as you pointed me out in the comments of the last blogpost).

KDE Connect 0.3 tarball
KDE Connect Android app on Google Play
Android APK for people not using Google Play

Releasing KDE Connect Technology Preview

Google Summer of Code 2013 is coming to the end and we are working hard to have a stable and functional version of KDE Connect before then. To achieve this goal we are taking two actions:

  • We are beginning to distribute tarballs of the KDE client sources and we have uploaded the Android app to the Play store, so we can have more testers (links at the end of the post).
  • Since receiving bug reports in blog comments does not scale very well, we are moving KDE Connect to KDE’s playground and adding it to the KDE bug tracking system.

We will use the feedback we receive to improve the usability and fix bugs while we finish developing the file transfer feature. Note that we have disabled the battery report in this version because it required to patch kdelibs. Our plans are to just include the battery report in the plasmoid we already have to avoid that patch, but it’s not done yet.

As always, the changelog since the last blogpost follows:

  • RSA encryption (more info about this in next posts)
  • Symmetric encryption
  • New Android interface, that should be compatible with 2.3 devices

You can clone the new git repositories from these nice and short urls:

git clone git://
git clone git://

And you can get the current stable version from these links:

KDE Connect 0.1 Technology Preview tarball
KDE Connect Android app on Google Play