KDE Connect reaches 10.000 downloads in the Play Store

This is a quick post to say that, the 21st of March, KDE Connect reached the awesome number of 10.000 downloads in the Play Store! Yay! \o/

I’m very happy of this, specially because I don’t have a lot of time to put into the project at this moment, and I’m happy to see that the users and contributors of KDE Connect are keeping it alive!

And for those that can not or don’t want to use the Google Play Store, remember that KDE Connect is also available in the free store F-Droid, thanks to Daniel Martí! Also note that Blackberry 10 users can install KDE Connect on their phones this way, taking advantage of the compatibility with Android apps :)

37 thoughts on “KDE Connect reaches 10.000 downloads in the Play Store

  1. Very cool :-)
    Is there a roadmap/thoughts for when we can send an sms from the computer through KDE-connect? That is the most major thing i’d like.

    1. YEAH! That is a great idea ;-)

      Albert, I’d help you with promo things if you are interested in this idea. Maybe organize your own ‘GSOC money’ this way ;-)

  2. Is there any documentation on how to set it up? I am lost as to how to get my devices to recognize each other. What establishes the connection – bluetooth? It’s installed on both devices, properly it seems, but there is no way to search for devices on either my phone or my laptop. Thanks!

    1. They need to be in the same LAN. I was struggling a bit with this, too. I ended up closing the firewall on my computer, which is fine since I’m behind a NAT anyway.

  3. The app is really great! Thanks a lot for it. There are two issues I would like to pass to you:
    1. I’m using alternative SMS app (“hello sms”) and the notification with SMS message doesn’t work with it (it works with default SMS app) – I don’t know if it’s a problem with this one or all alternative SMS apps
    2. I have a feature suggestion – it would be great it KDE connect had some sync framework, in my case it would be useful to sync my contacts directly between thunderbird and the phone since I’m trying to avoid sending my data to google and there really is no alternative :(

    1. @daniel you should use Owncloud for storing your contacts and sync them with Carddav. I do that and it works great. Also of course the calendar in owncloud, sync via caldav.

  4. (I hope this isn’t a copy but I can’t find my original question)
    First of, thanks for this very nice application!

    Originally I installed it on Kubuntu 14.04 from the repositories but couldn’t get the KDE client to browse my Nexus4&7 devices.
    Last week I replaced it with a compiled version from Git but still the same problem, no browsing from KDE.

    There are device icons in Dolphin but they only result in this error:
    Internal Error
    No such object path ‘/modules/kdeconnect/devices/e73877b5979b59ce/sftp’

    What am I doing wrong?

      1. Thanks for the swift reply. Yes I do have sshsf installed but wonder whether it requires some sort of linking it to applications like Dolphin or setting a path?

  5. android 4.4.2 don`t work share and receive
    I would like to see function of synchronization of the chosen catalogs. In particular there is a wish to synchronize music of a playlist of Amarok

    Kubuntu 14.04

  6. Hello,

    Kubuntu 14.04 e android 4.4.2

    kdeconnect receives messages from the phone only after a ping manually
    Any idea? With kubuntu 13.10 and Android 4.2 the kdeconnect worked well


  7. I’m unable to make anything happen at all in either of my devices.
    The KDEConnect window on Kubuntu 14.04 is just emtpy.
    I connected my Jolla phone with SailfishOS to it in PC mode, Android app running, still nothing happening on either device.
    Maybe I could enable some sort of log or debugging mode by launching it in terminal? What would be the command for that and where would I send that?

  8. Hola, Albert.

    Me da un poco de verguenza escribir en castellano cuando todo el mundo lo hace en inglés, pero es que no sé hablar inglés más que lo básico, de hecho no entiendo prácticamente nada de lo que dice toda esta gente. Espero que no te moleste y me disculpes.

    Qeuría preguntarte unas cuantas cosas sobre tu programa KDE Conect; de las que la respuesta sea no, quizá podrías considerar implementar esas funciones, si es que alguna te parece que vale la pena, en próximas versiones.
    – ¿Se puede establecer la conexión también por Blutoot o es imprescindible una conexión por wifi?
    – ¿Se pueden sincronizar los contactos, eventos de calendario y notas con la agenda, el calendario de KDE y Kjots?
    – ¿Bloquear la sesión del ordenador desde el móvil y viceversa?
    – ¿Contestar “wasapes” y similares desde e lordenador, incluso formularios de páginas web? A veces puede que queramos navegar sómodamente desde el sofá con el móvil pero de repente caigamos en una página en la que nos apetezca escribir algo -como esta :) – con la comodida de un teclado de ordenador, pero no nos apetezca abrir el navegador del ordenador y buscar la página sino escribir directamente en e lordenador y que el texto pase al formulario que tenemos activo en el móvil.
    – Reproducir contenido del móvil desde el ordenador. Bastante útil si una tiene el móvil conectado a la tele por HDMI -los cables HDMI de los móviles suelen ser cortos-, por ejemplo, y quiere reproducir un vídeo o fotos, desde el sofá con e lportátil.

    Bueno, pues eso es todo. Seguro que cuando pruebe tu programa con calma se pe ocurrirán más cosas, pero bueno, tampoco es cosa de freírte a preguntas/sugerencias, jeje.

    Gracias. Un saludo.

    1. Perdón, he sido un poco confusa al explicarme.
      Cuando digo “reproducir un vídeo o fotos, desde el sofá con el portátil” me refiero a controlarlo desde el portátil, pero el contenido audiovisial sería el que está en el móvil que tenemos enchufado a la tele.


  9. Congratulations for the rising number of downloads!

    There’s one thing that i do not understand: is it intentional or a bug that devices that have been connected before do not reconnect automatically? The list of “remembered devices” gets longer and longer but they do not connect as they become available.

    Sadly, there’s very little documentation about the features out there, so it’s hard to say wether it’s working as expected.

    BTW: The german localization is off a bit, “keine angeschlossenen Geräte” should better be “nicht verbundene Geräte”. Maybe you could change that in one of the forthcoming releases.



    1. Thorsten, I haven’t found any documentation at all, so could you please let me know where you found what you found?

      1. Ben, what i found is mainly this page and the info that came with the release of Kubuntu 14.04 Trusty. That’s it ;-/ Even the all-knowing-all-seeing-trash-heap Ubuntuusers.de has nothing.

        1. hum, well that’s not very helpful. I got a new update pushed from the repos today, but it looks and behaves exactly the same.

  10. Why is there an Android app? Is it required to make the connection work?
    Otherwise, what are the individual purposes of the desktop and Android app?
    I’d have thought of it more like Nokia PC Suite or Samsung Kies except for Android phones.

    1. The android app is in fact required to make the connection work. No app – no connection. You have to install kde-conncect on your desktop/laptop/whatever and the app on your phone. None of them makes any sense without the counterpart.

  11. How to send a file from computer to the phone?
    I see no context menu in Dolphin…
    Or this is not implemented yet :(

  12. Congrats, great job you’ve done here. Only thing I miss is an option to connect through USB or bluetooth.

  13. Notification sync doesn’t work for me. I have a Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) using Jelly Bean (4.3) with notification sync enabled in system settings on the desktop. Clipboard sync works, call notifications work, and other stuff too. Anywhere to report a bug?

  14. This is a really wonderful app. Once you add Send SMS and answer calls features it will be an absolute killer. Thanks for your efforts. Does it work in other desktop environments (particularly Cinnamon) ?
    I tried it on Linux Mint 16 KDE first (KDE 4.11) but there were a few issues. But in LM 17 KDE (KDE 4.13) it works perfectly

  15. This is not working with the Jolla. I wonder has anyone tried successfully with their Blackberry? Because if so, it should work with Jolla too, right?

    1. Hallo Ben,

      it runs fine on my BB Q10 but only has limited practically as I cannot see who is calling me on my desktop.
      Does anoyone know how to synchronize the contacts?


  16. Hi Albert,

    Thank you so very much for making KDEconnect. It’s running very smooth on my Moto G, my laptop and my PC (openSUSE 13.1, KDE 13.2). I’ve been using the app and the package for months now and I haven’t seen the like of it. Awesome job. And my wife’s gonna love you to, as soon as she finds out what I did to her laptop and Moto G :D.
    Keep up the good work. I’ve been having dreams of simply answering the phone in my pocket by shouting “Pick UP” towards my laptop. Dreams I regard as close to reality.

  17. Just an quick KUDOs. KDEConnect has been helpful with my Samsung and Kubuntu – but this feature was surprisingly beautiful: Pause media during calls — surprisingly just had that feature done today! Fantastic! It worked during a movie and VLC. Didn’t notice it before. Dang, Kickstart this thing!

  18. hello,

    Thank You for this program. It is perfect.

    The function is not more missing than to be able to answer the calls directly under kde.

  19. By the way, I don’t receive any notifications on my BB Q10 concerning text messages. Has anyone the same problem?


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